Rewire London 13.09.13 - Brought to you by Central Working

Rewire London events bring together the brightest brains in design, business and technology.

Rewire London is a celebration of those at the cutting edge of emerging developments in design, business and technology.

Participants are active in shaping the outcome of the day, encouraged to run and join in on sessions and share knowledge. Think inspirational talks from guest speakers, creative showcases, ad-hoc presentations and practical workshops.

Everyone comes away with original thinking, fresh ideas, new contacts and inspiration.

What people have said about Rewire London:

“People are having a blast. It’s really creative, really energising. The best conference that I’ve been to and I’d thoroughly recommend many of these happening”

“Really exciting, empowering and I’m full of beans!”

“I’ve been to so many conferences where you just sit there and lose the will to live. It’s nice to get so much energy from talking to people”

“Today is really amazing. It’s great to meet entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and share experiences with them”


“It’s been a fantastic day. I’ve met so many great people with great ideas”

“Today has been an amazing atmosphere. A real buzz everywhere”

“Really exciting and lots of thinking in areas and ways I haven’t done before”